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Topics for Speaking Engagements
Each topic can be addressed in 40-60 minutes

Joy Through Adversity

All ages, groups, men, women, teens, seniors... This presentation addresses the unexpected in life and how in the midst of the trials we face there can be anchors that stabilize us through the rough periods while we look for the joy-filled moments that sustain us. Bio Terri Roberts — Terri Roberts has lived just south of Strasburg, PA, for the past 22 years, as wife of Chuck for 42 years, mother of four sons, and as a grandmother of 10, including 2 step-grandchildren. She is a member of Living Faith Church of God. She has survived serious illness and adheres, as a result, to an admirably rigorous diet. Hers was a relatively quiet life until six years ago, when an unthinkable tragedy in her community, a tragedy for which one of her beloved sons was responsible, propelled Terri into the public’s eye. She describes herself as one who has walked through circumstances beyond her own ability to cope yet has found strength and even joy along the way. Hers is a message of God’s Grace given and received and the mountains it can move.

Healthier Choices

Living Foods build living cells - for the health challenged, women’s groups, or any group seeking to find healthier solutions for renewed health and energy or keeping the body working optimally. Terri will share the best choices to make and the logic behind it. This is about food, not an expensive treatment plan. We have an awesome opportunity to “be the best we can be”, living according to how we were created.

With a desire to live a vibrant, healthy lifestyle, Terri Roberts will share what Genesis 1:29 provides. Learn how our cells want to heal. Energy and vitality await us as we choose foods that nourish and process quickly through our bodies. Terri was diagnosed with stage 3 Inflammatory Breast Cancer 10 years ago and shares the wisdom she has gleaned for a healthier lifestyle she has explored.

What Anchors You?

At the core of who you are, is there a peace within waiting to be drawn out in the midst of the stresses of life? How God, His Word, provides an unshakeable anchor! Will you stop to consider the choices you make every day and how they speak into your life? Can you seek JOY through a "sacrifice of praise"? Are you all God created you to be? Step back and take a look at the opportunities to be all you were created to be. Speak to me Lord, your servant is listening.